Webroot SecureAnywhere Support

Webroot is a software of a private American company which offers protection against virus and internet related harmful bugs. Webroot is also known as Webroot SecureAnywhere. Its functions are so fast and effective that PC Mag has chosen it as an editorial choice many times.

In what devices webroot can work?

Basically, Webroot is designed in that way it can work in almost all devices like Windows, Mac OS, tablets or Android device. For every device, it has different versions but it has the same function everywhere. To make software simple for the android device it was designed in the way so that it shows fewer function keys.

Is it more secure than another antivirus?

Yes, Webroot is more secure than other antivirus brands. It has different techniques of working. Many times due to this different techniques many critics have underrated it. Webroot has successfully beaten Avast antivirus which have the rating of 9.6 in test and Bitdefender which have the rating of 9.3. Webroot scored 10 points in this test.

How does Webroot save from Internet threats?

Webroot has its own database due to which it has knowledge of harmful websites which can have the virus in them. It checks websites and email before opening them. If virus of malware found in that website or email then it will stop that website from opening.

If it free to use?

Webroot offers the free trial of 15 days. After using that time period you have to pay for using it. Webroot has different plans according to features and devices you want to use. If you want to use it on more devices than you have to pay more.

what are different Webroot SecureAnywhere products?

Webroot SecureAnywhere have 4 products which are as follows:-
1. Webroot SecureAnywhere® AntiVirus for PC Gamers
2.Webroot SecureAnywhere® AntiVirus
3.Webroot SecureAnywhere® Internet Security Plus
4. Webroot SecureAnywhere® Internet Security Complete

All of them can be used for computers But if you want to use Webroot on your smartphone or iPhone then you have to buy from last 2 products.

From where can I download Webroot SecureAnywhere?

You can download this antivirus software from the official website of Webroot. There are instructions also which will help you install this software into your Windows operating system, Apple MacBook, smartphone or in Apple iPhone.

What if I face problem in using this antivirus?

If you face any problem in using this antivirus then you can contact on 0800-090-3837. This is a Webroot customer care number which will help you to get support related to your webroot antivirus. Every kind of customer problems will be resolved here. This helpline number is active in office hours. So contact us between 10 AM to 6 PM.