PayPal Account Support

PayPal is an online service which is used to send and receive money without giving any bank information. Paypal is part of eBay corporation. Paypal uses encrypted software for the transfer which makes it more safe and secure. Paypal is the most used online payment service platform used for many years. Paypal accounts are mostly free if you have to use it for basic purposes. For business purposes where transactions can be higher than in that case, you have to buy a pro account which will provide its user with more advanced features in comparison to the basic account.

How to use payment received in my Paypal account?

If you have received money in your PayPal account then you can connect your bank account with Paypal account so that auto withdrawal to your bank account will occur timely. You can also withdraw all of your money to your Bank account manually also. If you do more transaction through your credit/debit card then you can also connect them with Paypal to use them according to your need.

What is Paypal verification process and how much time will it take?

Paypal asks you to connect your bank account with them. After adding bank account Paypal will send some very small transactions to your account within 2-3 days. So in this way you can verify your account by filling exact amount of those small transactions added to your account recently. This feature makes it secure that people will not add someone else bank account.

What is the profit of Paypal in all of this?

Paypal makes money by doing this in two ways:-
1. Charging fee for transactions.
2. Bank interest on money stored in Paypal account
Paypal charges some minor amount according to transaction done by the merchant. There is no fee charged for basic customers. The money stored in Paypal wallets is in custody of Paypal and they get interest on that money as they have stored it in the bank which pays them interest.

Why is Paypal so popular?

Paypal is very popular because it was one of the earliest online payment services. It was one of the first services in which payment can be done without showing other account number and other business details. This unique feature of it makes it secure. And also Paypal is cheaper than other existing companies. Paypal charges very less in comparison to other companies. And also some sources like freelancing websites etc do payment only by using this service.

What to do in case I got some problem with Paypal?

In case you stuck somewhere in your Paypal account like payment related issues, Account setup etc. Then, in that case, you have to dial Paypal Support number 0800-090-3837. This is a customer support number for Paypal. You can dial this toll-free number any time and can get the solution for most of your problem related to your account.